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SN 100E
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This unique patented alloy has been developed as a lead free alternative for those now using costly SAC alloys and for those switching from lead containing Sn63/Pb37 alloys to the lead free process. SN100e is manufactured from tin, copper, and cobalt to create solder so pure it far exceeds the most common specification requirements. The lead-free solder alloy is RoHS compliant and reduces copper dissolution. This alloy provides brighter, shinier, less grainy solder joints when compared to other lead free alloys such as SAC305 and is much less expensive.

In wave solder operations, less solder is consumed in comparison to tin lead solder because the weight per cubic inch of the solder is lower. The lower viscosity improves the fluidity, which in turn improves the solder’s wetting capability and reduces necessary re-work including bridging, icicling, cobwebbing and flagging. This alloy is environmentally friendly, and generates less dross compared to all other “virgin grade” LF solders. Less dross generation results in more soldered joints per pound of solder and greater cost-effectiveness through less waste. This alloy exceeds specification J-STD-006.

SN100e contains cobalt. Competitor alloys contain nickel. The ratio of nickel commonly used in comparison to cobalt requires more frequent monitoring due to the increased depletion of the nickel in comparison to cobalt during process resulting in an increased cost for those using the nickel containing alternative alloys.

Available In The Following Forms:

As a leader in the development of lead free soldering materials, Qualitek has partnered with JT Electronics a leading manufacturer of lead free soldering equipment to bring solutions upfront in the lead free process conversion. The JT designed NSM-450 Wave Soldering Machine is the result of many years of product and process improvements, that have resulted in a lead free soldering system that gives maximum soldering yields with minimum problems. This machine is winning acclaim across all sectors of electronic assembly and gives manufacturing a quantum leap forward in lead free assembly. Features Newly Developed Electromagnetic Pump System. Utilizes Windows XP Operating System for optimizing process control. For more information, and quotation contact Qualitek.

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Qualitek is also now offering JT VS/NS 8 & 10 Zone Series reflow ovens featuring standard rail/mesh conveyors with auto lubrication. • The reflow ovens utilize a highly efficient design for uniform heating and zone to zone control. • The VS uses a built in KIC 24/7 auto focus with SPC charting, thermal analysis and production data traceability. • All data is backed up automatically and easily accessed for ISO 9000 management. • Nitrogen capable machines utilize flux management systems with self-contained chiller.

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European WEEE directives mandate a phase out of lead in electronic soldering by July 2006 and Japans efforts to do the same are sooner. In many European countries legislative measures have been passed to restrict its usage and lead-free standards are expected to become global. Lead-free soldering is rapidly taking on momentum around the world. Realizing the high toxicity level and harmful after effects of lead electronics manufacturers are shifting to lead-free products.

Currently lead-free assembly has a low penetration rate and accounts for less than 5% of all electronic systems.

In the lead-free implementation process, many companies are assembling in mixed production environments. Phasing out the lead containing materials as soon as feasible with lead-free. In mixed production environments, the possibilities of cross contamination are more likely than ever. Lead-free and lead containing solder pastes are grey in color and because of their very similar visual appearance, are likely to cross contaminate in a mixed production environment.

Qualitek has developed LF GREEN® to avoid cross contamination.

LF GREEN® is a patent pending lead free solder paste that is green in color and remains green during the entire soldering process until reflowed. Once reflowed, clear residues remain with normal metallic joint appearance. Under black light LF GREEN® boards will fluoresce once again easily identifying the lead free boards. LF GREEN® is available in the most common lead free alloy compositions of Sn/Ag/Cu and Sn/Ag and costs are the same as typical lead free solders because costs are based on the metals and not the green color of the paste. Formulations are available in No-Clean, Water-Soluble and RMA flux types. Available in type 3, 4 and 5 meshes. Packaged in DEK Proflow Cassettes, Jars and Cartridges.
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